bushfire risk management


Australia is one of the most fire-prone countries in the world and in 2009, Risk Frontiers developed the first-ever Australian bushfire loss model. Today, Risk Frontiers draws on unparalleled experience to deliver assessments to residential, commercial and industrial businesses in bushfire prone areas across the country.

With the benefit of its PerilAUS national event and impacts database drawing on over a century of data, Risk Frontiers has been able to take a unique approach to the design of its bushfire risk model. This extensive database also allows Risk Frontiers to avoid the pitfalls of modelling poorly understood fire dynamics across a complex landscape.

Risk Frontiers’ competitive advantage in modelling bushfire risk also comes from exploiting its proprietary high-resolution exposure database, bushland boundaries and observations gleaned by its scientists during post-event surveys following all major fire events in Australia. It is also able to calculate the likelihood of two fires occurring at two distinct locations.

Please contact us for further information on how Risk Frontiers can help with risk modelling of bushfires. Email: info@riskfrontiers.com. Telephone: +61 2 8459 9770.