Newsletter Volume17 Issue4
August 2018

  • Is the forward motion of tropical cyclones in the Australian region slowing due to anthropogenic climate change?
  • Risk Frontiers’ seminar series 2018
  • QuakeAUS 6.0

Newsletter Volume17 Issue3
May 2018

  • The new QuakeAUS: impact of revised GA earthquake magnitudes on hazards and losses
  • Tathra 2018 Bushfires

Newsletter Volume 17 Issue2
January 2018

  • Weather-related natural disasters 2017: was this a reversion to the mean?
  • The Hawaii nuclear alert: how did people respond?
  • Risk Frontiers’ Multi-Peril Workbench 2.4 has now been released

Newsletter Volume 17 Issue1
August 2017

  • A Natural Hazard Building Loss Profile for Australia: 1900-2015
  • Risk Frontiers’ Annual Seminar: A Provisional Programme
  • Weather-related Natural Disasters: Should we be concerned about a reversion to the mean?

Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 4
May 2017

  • News Flash: ┬áRisk Frontiers spins out from Macquarie University
  • Risk Frontiers’ Suite of CAT Models to be available on AIR Worldwide’s Touchstone Platform
  • Should governments allow fire affected communities to rebuild?

Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 3
March 2017

  • Better Managing New Zealand’s Earthquake Risks
  • Storm Direction Controls Coastal Erosion Risk in New South Wales

Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 2
December 2016

  • A conceptual approach using risk as a basis of building performance design
  • A Notable Precedent in 1371

Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 1
October 2016

  • Court orders on Byron Bay’s coastal wars
  • Joining the Dots
  • Reminder to register for upcoming Annual Seminar on 26th October, 2016

Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 4
June 2016

  • XtremeHeatAUS – Modelling Heatwave Deaths
  • Risk Frontiers Annual Seminar: A Provisional Programme

Newsletter Volume15 Issue 3
March 2016

  • Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Risk Frontiers’ suite of Catastrophe Loss Models

Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 2
November 2015

  • Tails of Woe
  • QuakeNZ
  • Auctions and the Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund

Newsletter_Volume 15 Issue 1
August 2015

  • Lies, lies…and wretched statisticians
  • What is an Event?

Newsletter Volume 14 Issue 4
May 2015

  • Government provision of catastrophe insurance: risk-informed premiums
  • From the Cyber-Risk Frontier
  • Introducing Thomas Loridan and Andrew Gissing


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