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Fire, flood, lack of water, loss of power, substantial damage, tsunami.  These can all be a consequence of earthquake.  A little bit of research on improved building design can go a long way in reducing the costs of responding to earthquakes. Have we been building our homes to withstand earthquake damage?  Would the new Adelaide Hospital survive a high magnitude quake?  Dr Paul Somerville was Chairman of the panel that wrote the National Science Foundation sponsored report entitled “Securing Society against Catastrophic Earthquake Losses.”  He talks to us today about earthquakes and Adelaide…

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With decades of experience, unparalleled research, and a proven track record, Risk Frontiers stands as a beacon of excellence in understanding and quantifying seismic risks. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the depth of our studies, the precision of our models, and the trust our clients place in us.

Introducing QuakeAUS and QuakeNZ – Risk Frontiers’ premier earthquake loss models. While QuakeAUS delves deep into Australia’s seismic activities, QuakeNZ captures the unique seismic patterns of New Zealand. Both models offer comprehensive coverage, from individual address nuances to broader zones like SA1, postcode, and Cresta. Built on cutting-edge technology and backed by rigorous research, QuakeAUS and QuakeNZ stand as the epitome of reliability and precision in earthquake risk assessment.

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