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This article by Thomas Loridan, Risk Frontiers, was published in Asia Pacific Fire Magazine, October 3, 2017.

tropical cycloneExtreme winds from tropical cyclones (TCs) regularly threaten communities worldwide. In recent decades significant efforts have been put towards improving our understanding of the mechanisms involved. In particular detailed analysis of satellite imagery and observations from aircraft reconnaissance missions have allowed formulation of a well-accepted framework whereby asymmetries in the TC wind field structure are attributed to the forward motion of the system: stronger winds occur to the right (left) of a moving TC in the northern (southern) hemisphere with the magnitude of the left/right asymmetry increasing as the storm moves faster. Read more.

Interested in Learning More About our Australian Tropical Cyclone Loss Model CyclAUS?

CyclAUS is Risk Frontiers’ detailed Australian Tropical Cyclone loss model bringing cyclone risk down to a location and portfolio level loss. Risk Frontiers’ experts have combined decades of development to model a 50,000 years stochastic event set representing more than 300,000 individual events based on all historical Tropical Cyclones observed in the last 50 years. Vulnerability models translating maximum wind speeds to loss values have been carefully developed using a combination of insurance claims data and on the ground post-event surveys.

Risk Frontiers is continually working on updating CyclAUS based on the latest cutting-edge peer-reviewed methodology to provide Australian communities the most accurate Tropical Cyclone risk and help build towards a more resilient future.

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