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Detailed New Zealand Earthquake Loss Model

A high-resolution model, where most needed

QuakeNZ covers earthquake ground shaking and liquefaction damage throughout New Zealand. The model features a variable resolution grid that is as fine as 500 m in the populated regions. Each grid cell contains no more than 200 addresses. The liquefaction hazard is mapped at an even finer resolution of 16 m to capture the extremely localized risk related to soil type, distance to water, and slope.

A Beeline to Regulatory Requirements

QuakeNZ seamlessly deals with regulatory requirements automatically providing exceedance probabilities not only for the overall portfolio but also for the exposure within and outside a 50 km radius from the parliament building, the Beehive.

An up-to-date view of the hazard

We developed an earthquake source model for NZ from a complete catalogue of events including the Canterbury sequence; this is more up-to-date than that used in the latest GNS hazard model update. QuakeNZ implements the Bradley (2012) ground motion predictions equations. This model has the advantages of being based on a large global data set, of having been calibrated to optimally fit New Zealand data (pre-Canterbury), and provides an excellent fit to the Canterbury earthquake data. We updated our active fault model in central New Zealand to reflect the intermediate term increased likelihood of large events following the recent large earthquakes in the area.

One Click Portfolio Roll-up

Location Level Intelligence

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James O’
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