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Detailed Australian Earthquake Loss Model

Local Expertise. Local Knowledge.

QuakeAUS is built on Risk Frontiers extensive knowledge and expertise in Australian seismic hazards. We participated in the development of Geoscience Australia’s 2018 National Seismic Hazard Model (NSHA18), which includes the Risk Frontiers earthquake source model.   We use the ground motion predictions equations of Somerville et al. (2009) developed specifically for Australia.
QuakeAUS Model Overview Validation of ground motion prediction model The Somerville et al. (2009) ground motion prediction model is validated against strong ground motion recordings.

A Better Understanding of the Hazard

Geoscience Australia (GA) updated the seismic hazard model for Australia through the National Seismic Hazard Assessment (NSHA18) project. The NSHA18 update includes corrections of measurements of local magnitude ML of historical earthquakes, and the conversion of the ML values to moment magnitude, Mw, more than halving the rate of earthquakes exceeding a given magnitude across Australia. NSHA18 also includes a National Fault-Source Model (NFSM) listing slip rates on faults, improving reliability in estimation of rare large events that are not represented by the historical earthquake catalogue. Dr Paul Somerville was a member of the Technical Advisory Panel that provided peer review throughout the development of NSHA18.

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