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Salome Hussein

Risk Scientist

Salomé is our expert in machine vision, radar analysis, and robotic process automation (RPA). She holds a PhD in Physics and specialises in modelling hail and agriculture.

For her dissertation, she investigated means to efficiently deliver pollen solutions to kiwifruit blossoms from an autonomous robotic platform. The work explored how droplet and plant properties affected the choice of spray technology in agriculture. She also developed a spray method that produced novel fluid behaviour and allowed real-time adjustments between coverage and accuracy. The project involved multiple large teams from Plant and Food Research, Robotics Plus, and other labs at the University of Auckland.

At Risk Frontiers, Salomé is developing the hazard component of HailAUS and assisting the development of CyclAUS. She is also assisting our technology team with developing a means to retrieve hazard information from social media post-event.

Salomé’s specialties and interests include interfacial chemistry, fluid mechanics, aerosols, electronics, rapid prototyping, machine vision, machine learning, robotic process automation, edge computing, and weather radar processing.


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