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Address-Based Natural Hazards and Climate Risk Rating Database (RRD)

Risk Frontiers’ Natural Hazards and Climate Risk Rating Database (RRD) leverages three decades of catastrophe loss model development, combined with the latest climate science, to take an informed view of natural hazard and climate risk in Australia.

Address-level natural hazard risks rating

The RRD provides a natural hazards risk rating for every address in Australia. This includes ratings for bushfire, flood, cyclone, storm surge, earthquake and convective storms (thunder, lightning and hail).

If you own, operate, or have interests in residential, commercial or industrial property in Australia, the RRD is your solution to understanding natural hazard risk across your portfolio.

Physical climate risk scores

The RRD also contains information on how certain hazards are expected to change with climate change at the address level.

Risk Frontiers’ physical climate risk scores measure the property risk of all the major acute and chronic physical climate risks for both present day and future climate conditions.

Figure 1. Projected changes in climate hazards that influence physical risks for Australian buildings and infrastructure. Confidence estimates are provided in parentheses. Source: modified from CMSI (2020).

Unlike other providers, our scores are based on $ losses from our detailed catastrophe loss models. These models frame risk as a function of the hazard, exposure (using a general asset type) and vulnerability.

Physical climate risk scores can be matched to listed company asset portfolios. Scores can be used for a range of applications include portfolio benchmarking, climate risk identification, due diligence, TCDF reporting and integration into broader ESG analyses.

Figure 2. Example company physical climate risk report generated using Risk Frontiers’ RRD.

Experts in climate risk

Our staff are experts in climate risk. We are long-term partners of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX) and contributors to the Climate Measurement Standards Initiative (CMSI).

Read more of our insights and publications on climate risk.


Location-level intelligence from the RRD can be delivered by API or in bulk. Licencing can be tailored to your application. For more information, contact:

Ryan Crompton – email
Thomas Mortlock – email