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Risk Frontiers has a strong research program in volcanic risk and has developed two key volcanic hazard and loss models for application in New Zealand and Japan. A large number of volcanic risk projects have also been conducted at Risk Frontiers.


Our volcanic hazard and loss model for the North Island of New Zealand, VolcaNZ, contains a catalogue of 60,000 simulated tephra fall events with associated probabilities. Structural and non-structural building damage is calculated as are the costs associated with property clean-up.


KazanRisk is a hazard and loss model for the Greater Tokyo region of Japan. The model utilises a catalogue of 60,000 tephra-dispersal simulations to estimate volcanic event losses from six volcanic centres. Structural and non-structural building damage are considered as are the costs associated with property, land and road clean-up activities. The model has recently been updated to calculate agricultural losses resulting from tephra-fall.

Volcano risk research

The volcano risk research at Risk Frontiers is currently interested in:

  • regional assessments of tephra fall hazard
  • simulation of tephra dispersal and volcanic flows
  • numerical recreation of previous large events
  • development of low-cost terrain models using photogrammetry
  • statistical analysis of the volcanic record, and
  • the impacts of long-duration events.

Please contact us for further information on how Risk Frontiers can help with risk modelling of volcanoes. Email: Telephone: +61 2 8459 9770.