hail loss modelling


Hail is Australia’s most costly natural hazard and research into hail hazard and damage is among the earliest carried out at Risk Frontiers.  HailAUS has been in continued development for over a decade, with a major update covering the whole of Australia due for release early 2017.

HailAUS 6.2
HailAUS 6.2 is a  fully stochastic loss model that covers Sydney, South-Eastern Queensland, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. It uses three modules to generate hail loss events:

  • a storm generation module, which contains historical and climatological data to create events that reflect the current probability of hailstorm for the studied areas
  • an exposure module, which contains data on property locations and characteristics. Spatial and temporal dynamics of car movement are also considered in this module, and
  • a vulnerability module, which calculates losses based on relationships between exposure and hazard magnitude.

Analysis of Australian hail hazard
HailAus 6.2 covers 64% of Australian addresses but less than 0.5% of Australian land area.

Risk Frontiers identified the need to expand coverage to include regional and rural areas of Australia.

However, information on historic events is often missing or limited outside of major urban centres. Therefore new methodologies have been developed incorporating reanalysis and radar data that allows us to determine the potential for hail storm activity across Australia.  This new information allows us to simulate hailstorms over the entire continent.

These simulations combined with updated exposure and vulnerability functions will contribute to a major release of HailAUS in the coming months.

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