flood risk modelling


Risk Frontiers is one of Australia’s leading flood risk specialists. As well as being joint developers of the National Flood Information Database for the Insurance Council of Australia and sole developers of the Flood Exclusion Zone database, Risk Frontiers has also undertaken regional and local flood reviews for insurers.

The address-based flood information contained in these two databases provides flood information for almost 92% of Australia’s addresses and underpins our FloodAUS loss model. FloodAUS is available for licensing to enable organisations to model the potential for flood losses in their portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

National Flood Information Database
The National Flood Information Database maps flood risk at various return periods from specific flood studies, high-resolution Digital Terrain Models and property addresses from the Geocoded National Address File.

Flood Exclusion Zone
The Flood Exclusion Zone quantifies a set of terrain metrics to characterise floodplains at the catchment level and account for hydrological processes using large, high-quality elevation, river networks and observed, empirical flood data. Utilising knowledge- and data-driven approaches we avoid the limitations of crude statistical approaches that ignore inherent catchment features and cannot provide reliable flood risk predictability for larger, heterogeneous real-world floodplains.

FloodAUS integrates the address-level flood hazard data from NFID and FEZ databases, exposure locations and types, and region-specific building vulnerability footprints.

Please contact us for further information on how Risk Frontiers can help with risk modelling of floods. Email: info@riskfrontiers.com. Telephone: +61 2 8459 9770.