climate change and natural disasters


Precisely how a changing climate will affect natural disasters is extremely difficult to anticipate yet severe impacts on the distribution, frequency and intensity of some risks is possible.

Should we expect more Category 5 Tropical Cyclones in Queensland or an increase in the intensity of lower latitude storm events? Where and how will sea level rise have its worst effects? How bad can extreme heatwave events get in Southeast Australia? How will these changes impact my organisation?

Using the latest high resolution climate model simulations, Risk Frontiers can explore these types of questions for organisations and help them quantify the projected impact on their risk profile.

As with climate projections, the quality and spatial resolution of gridded data describing past and current climate is also constantly improving. Using methodologies from the field of artificial intelligence we are developing methods to best leverage this big data source to help, among other applications, quantify the likelihood of natural disasters at the global scale.

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