Christina Magill

Research Manager

Christina MagillChristina is the Research Manager at Risk Frontiers. With over fifteen years of experience in hazard science, her areas of specialty are numerical simulation of hazard events, probabilistic volcanic hazard modelling, severe storm climatology as well as the physical, economic and health impacts of natural hazard events.

Christina’s work has included the development of three widely used stochastic risk models: HailAUS – hail hazard in Australia; VolcaNZ – tephra fall hazard in the North Island of New Zealand; and KazanRisk – tephra fall hazard in Greater Tokyo.

She has also published widely in the areas of volcanic hazard and risk and works closely with graduate students. Christina completed her undergraduate and Masters studies in Earth Sciences at the University of Waikato and PhD at Macquarie University with a thesis on volcanic risk in Auckland, New Zealand.