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Stuart Browning

Climate Risk Scientist

Stuart is Risk Frontiers’ atmospheric scientist and climate risk specialist. With expertise in climate modelling, data assimilation and machine learning, Stuart’s research focuses on understanding the large-scale dynamics of extreme weather events to better quantify risk across time horizons from individual storms to multi-centennial climate change.

Stuart holds a PhD in Southern Hemisphere climate, and has a strong research publication record in the fields of meteorology, climatology, climate modelling, and paleoclimatology.  A former Lecturer in Climate Science at Macquarie University, Stuart also has extensive experience consulting to the insurance, financial, and government sectors to improve climate risk management.

To meet the growing demand for robust physical climate risk assessments, Stuart is currently working to ensure Risk Frontiers’ ClimateGLOBE framework is founded on state-of-the-art climate data and analytics.

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