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Foster Langbein

Chief Technology Officer

As well as providing hands-on support in Risk Frontiers’ model development, Foster delivers our solution suite to industry across diverse technology platforms. Foster has a PhD in High Energy Physics.

Foster is Risk Frontiers’ Chief Technology Officer and Software Architect. He is responsible for developing and integrating Risk Frontiers’ suite of Natural Catastrophe Loss models into software for use by the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Foster also manages maintenance and forward planning of Risk Frontiers’ IT infrastructure, works on future technology strategy and supports the model development efforts of research staff. As part of the future strategy, he is helping transition Risk Frontiers’ models to the emerging ‘open modelling’ platforms that are being developed by the major model vendors and loss-modelling community.

Foster has a deep interest in computer-based modelling and numerical methods originating from his theoretical physics research in the UK and Europe as well as over 15 years of experience as a Lead Software Engineer. Foster has extensive experience with multiple operating systems, programming languages, databases and software stacks.

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