Risk Frontiers and partner MapData Sciences have launched two new street address based online services – Street Address Hazard Profiles and accompanying Web services – that summarise natural hazard threats to individual Australian addresses.

Aimed at raising community awareness of natural hazards risk to property and life, these services provide “threat by peril” risk ratings for bushfire, earthquake, tropical cyclone, and, where available, riverine flood.

While no substitute for a property inspection, we expect these products to become a standard part of the due diligence in property transactions, assist mortgage providers and insurers make risk-informed decisions and help emergency managers more efficiently allocate and manage resources.
The products will be marketed and distributed by MapData Sciences, a company specialising in the provision of digital mapping data products and Web-based services. Individual Street Address Hazard Profiles can be accessed at for $50
(excluding GST); institutional users can access the Risk Rating data via a web service under licence arrangements with MapData Sciences.

For more information contact MapData Sciences at 02 8436 2800 or email: