Our Work

Risk Frontiers works closely with Government Departments and Agencies to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions in the areas of community engagement, social research and risk management. Our work has directly influenced public safety policies and practice over many years.


A significant effort undertaken over the last few years to extend our Hail Loss model, HailAUS, to a truly national model is coming to a close, with the new version (v7.0) to be released early next year. The team led by Dr Christina Magill used reanalysis data, radar imagery and our PerilAUS database to create novel in-house algorithms to describe Australia’s hail hazard.


Risk Frontiers is extending its new QuakeNZ loss model to encompass commercial and industrial portfolios. A residential version of this model is already available and is the first model to be developed post-Christchurch.


PerilAUS is a database of impacts and consequences of natural hazards in Australia, which has been used to better understand natural peril risks and provide evidence for public safety policies. 

Catastrophe Insurance

Over recent years, there has been advocacy in Australia for a government-sponsored insurance scheme. This is founded on a fear that insurance premiums might become unaffordable, as insurers are increasingly able to assess risks down to street address levels.

Disaster Scenarios

In work funded by the Bushfire& Natural Hazard Bushfire CRC, Risk Frontiers is exploring a series of realistic disaster scenarios. The intention is to get emergency managers thinking about plausible large events outside recent experience. Realistic scenarios could also help insurers look beyond the output of Natural Catastrophe Loss models and flesh out the likely impacts of large events on business operations and customers.