Briefing Notes

Briefing Note 354
Could Sydney be the next Houston?

Briefing Note 353
Hurricane Irma Meteorological Information

Briefing Note 352
Earth’s rotation affects the wide world of sports

Briefing Note 351
Weather-related Natural Disasters: Should we be concerned about a reversion to the mean?

Briefing Note 350
‘Astounding’: Shifting storms under climate change to worsen coastal perils

Briefing Note 349
The country’s flood insurance program is sinking.  Rescuing it won’t be easy.

Briefing Note 348
The Grenfell Tower fire of June 14 and the role of Composite Sandwich Panel Cladding

Briefing Note 347
The Great Hawkesbury Flood turns 150 today

Briefing Note 346
Floodplain manager skillsets are key to effectively growing community engagement practice in disaster resilience

Briefing Note 345
A new way to detect tsunamis: cargo ships

Briefing Note 344 [May 2017]
Disaster Risk Management: Insights from US Experience

Briefing Note 343 [April 2017] 
When Rising Seas Transform Risk into Certainty

Briefing Note 342 [April 2017]
The 2017 Lismore Flood – Insights from the field

Briefing Note 341 [April 2017]
Damage overview of Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie in North Queensland

Briefing Note 340 [April 2017]
Flood Risk Perceptions of Lismore Businesses

Briefing Note 339 [March 2017]
Twitter can predict hurricane damage as well as emergency agencies

Briefing Note 338 [February 2017]
Building evidence for risk-based insurance

Briefing Note 337 [January 2017]
Crowds are wise enough to know when other people will get it wrong

Briefing Note 336 [January 2017]
Solving the Puzzle of Hurricane History

Briefing Note 335 [December 2016]
The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake: Briefing No. 5

Briefing Note 334 [December 2016]
The Mw 7.9 Taron, PNG Earthquake of 17 December 2016

Briefing Note 333 [December 2016]
Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, Briefing No.4

Briefing Note 332 [November 2016]
The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, Briefing No. 3

Briefing Note 331 [November 2016]
The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Hanmer Springs Earthquake. Briefing No.2

Briefing Note 330 [November 2016] 
The Mw 7.8 14 November Hanmer Springs Earthquake, Briefing No. 1

Briefing Note 329 [October 2016]
The 2016 Central Italy Earthquake Sequence

Briefing Note 328 [October 2016]
Insurance against Extreme Events: Pairing Short-Term Incentives with Long-Term Strategies

Briefing Note 327 [October 2016]
UK National Flood Resilience Review

Briefing Note 326 [September 2016]
China is covering its northern plains with wind turbines

Briefing Note 325 [September 2016]
Flameproof houses – scheme that cost homeowners millions in ruins

Briefing Note 324 [September 2016]
Court orders on Byron Bay’s coastal wars

Briefing Note 323 [August 2016]
Brexit and the power of wishful thinking

Briefing Note 322 [July 2016]
Montserrat’s Unexpected Life

Briefing Note 321 [June 2016]
A Toxic Legacy from Firefighting Foams

Briefing Note 320 [June 2016]

Briefing Note 319 [June 2016]
Coastal impacts of the June 2016 East Coast storm for Sydney

Briefing Note 318 [May 2016]
The Mw 6.0 Northern Territory earthquake of 21 May 2016

Briefing Note 317 [May 2016]
New Orleans: 11 years after Katrina

Briefing Note 316 [April 2016]
Implications of changes to El Nino Southern Oscillation for coastal vulnerability in NSW

Briefing Note 315 [April 2016]
Role of Composite Sandwich Panel Cladding in Recent Hi-Rise Building Fires

Briefing Note 314 [March 2016]
Tasmanian Energy Crisis – Resilience Case Study

Briefing Note 313 [March 2016]
Big Data, Big Computers, Big Trouble

Briefing Note 312 [March 2, 2016]
March 2, 2016 Earthquake off Sumatra and Breakup of the Australia-India Plate

Briefing Note 311 [February 2016]
Introducing logic into title-race predicitons

Briefing Note 310 [February 2016]
Gravitational Waves Detected, as Einstein Predicted

Briefing Note 309 [February 2016]
The 5 February 2016 Tainan, Taiwan Earthquake

Briefing Note 308 [February 2016]
World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Risks Report

Briefing Note 307 [January 2016]
Jakarta Bombing teaches us the importance of crisis communication in a digital age

Briefing Note 306 [December 2015]
Flood evacuation: never fun, sometimes necessary, always problematic