Briefing Notes

Briefing Note 339

Twitter can predict hurricane damage as well as emergency agencies

Briefing Note 338

Building evidence for risk-based insurance

Briefing Note 337

Crowds are wise enough to know when other people will get it wrong

Briefing Note 336

Solving the Puzzle of Hurricane History

Briefing Note 335

The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake: Briefing No. 5

Briefing Note 334

The Mw 7.9 Taron, PNG Earthquake of 17 December 2016

Briefing Note 333

Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, Briefing No.4

Briefing Note 332

The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, Briefing No. 3

Briefing Note 331

The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Hanmer Springs Earthquake. Briefing No.2

Briefing Note 330

The Mw 7.8 14 November Hanmer Springs Earthquake, Briefing No. 1

Briefing Note 329

The 2016 Central Italy Earthquake Sequence

Briefing Note 328

Insurance against Extreme Events: Pairing Short-Term Incentives with Long-Term Strategies

Briefing Note 327

UK National Flood Resilience Review

Briefing Note 326

China is covering its northern plains with wind turbines

Briefing Note 325

Flameproof houses – scheme that cost homeowners millions in ruins

Briefing Note 324

Court orders on Byron Bay’s coastal wars

Briefing Note 323

Brexit and the power of wishful thinking

Briefing Note 322

Montserrat’s Unexpected Life