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Briefing Note 448 [July 2021]
A brief history of ransomware

Briefing Note 447 [July 2021]
Over 500 excess deaths from a heat dome in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon

Briefing Note 446 [June 2021]
Outcome of the struggle over how COVID-19 spreads

Briefing Note 445 [May 2021]
Oil companies suffer climate change setbacks on a historic day for the industry

Briefing Note 444 [May 2021]
Behaviour and Mechanics of Crowd Crush Disasters

Briefing Note 443 [May 2021]
Risks of weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field

Briefing Note 442 [May 2021]
Lower Hawkesbury flood impact research – caravan and ski park vulnerability

Briefing Note 441 [April 2021]
The Steady March Towards Climate Risk Disclosures in Australia

Briefing Note 440 [April 2021]
NSW Mid North Coast flood impact research

Briefing Note 439  [March 2021]
Has the Hundred-Year Flood had its day?

Briefing Note 438 [March 2021]
Test of New Zealand’s tsunami response in 5 March 2021

Briefing Note 437 [March 2021]
From the Vault: What we knew about a future pandemic in 2005

Briefing Note 436 [Feb 2021]
Tectonic evolution of the earth and its implications for life formation and long-term climate change

Briefing Note 435 [Feb 2021]
Global Risks 2021 briefing

Briefing Note 434 [Jan 2021]
Findings of the 2020 Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change

Briefing Note 433 [Dec 2020]
The first taste of a summer to come?
Why Australian beaches are some of the most sensitive in the world to La Nina.

Briefing Note 432 [Dec 2020]
Is Australia prepared for the next earthquake? Reflections of Peter McBean

Briefing Note 431 [Oct 2020]
A view of Australia’s climate in 2020

Briefing Note 430 [Oct 2020]
How Overdispersion drives the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Briefing Note 429 [Oct 2020]
Tracing tsunami impacts back to their source across ocean basins

Briefing Note 428 [Sept 2020]
Accidental Ammonium Nitrate Explosions

Briefing Note 427 [Sept 2020]
From the Vault: What we knew about a future pandemic in 2005

Briefing Note 426 [August 2020]
Heatwave poses challenge to Japanese medical system already stressed by virus

Briefing Note 425 [August 2020]
California Bushfires, August 2020

Briefing Note 424 [Aug 2020]
Risk based earthquake pricing using catastrophe model output

Briefing Note 423 [July 2020]
How many storms make a big storm?

Briefing Note 422 [July 2020]
Rapid detection of earthquakes and tsunamis using sea floor fibre-optic cables

Briefing Note 421 [July 2020]
A Short Path to Coronavirus Herd Immunity?

Briefing Note 420 [July 2020]
The Difference Between Complicated and Complex Systems

Briefing Note 419 [June 2020]
Low Damage Seismic Design

Briefing Note 418 [June 2020]
Covid 19: The Imperial College Modelling

Briefing Note 417 [May 2020]
Will COVID-19 affect ECL forecasts on the 46th anniversary of the Sygna storm?

Briefing Note 416 [May 2020]
The 14 May 2020 Burra Earthquake Sequence and its Relation to Flinders Ranges Faults

Briefing Note 415 [May 2020]
Ranking of Potential Causes of Human Extinction

Briefing Note 414 [May 2020]
No, senator, science can’t do away with models

Briefing Note 413 [April 2020]
The 25th Solar Cycle is about to begin, with new evidence for enormous solar storms

Briefing Note 412 [April 2020]
Devil’s Staircase of Earthquake Occurrence: Implications for Seismic Hazard in Australia and New Zealand

Briefing Note 411 [April 2020]
Modelling the Coronavirus Pandemic to Guide Policy in Real Time

Briefing Note 410 [March 2020]
Newton did OK working from home during a pandemic

Briefing Note 409 [March 2020]
NSW/ACT Large Scale Hail Event, January 2020:
An overview of Risk Frontiers’ Post-Event Loss Estimate Capabilities

Briefing Note 408 [February 2020]
February 2020 East Coast Low: Sydney Impacts

Briefing Note 407 [December 2019]
Australia needs a national crisis plan, and not just for bushfires

Briefing Note 406 [December 2019]
November 2019: Sunshine Coast Hailstorm

Briefing Note 405 [November 2019]
Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy

Briefing Note 404 [November 2019]
Natural Catastrophes Greatest Risk for East Asia and the Pacific

Briefing Note 403 [November 2019]
California Fire and Power

Briefing Note 402 [October 2019]
Coastal flooding and coral bleaching: what the latest IPCC Special Report means for Australia

Briefing Note 401 [September 2019]
History of early season bushfires in NSW and Queensland

Briefing Note 400 [August 2019]
Death Benefits

Briefing Note 399 [July 2019]
Using catastrophe loss models to improve decision making in disaster management

Briefing Note 398 [July 2019]
The 14 July 2019 Mw 6.6 Offshore Broome and Mw 7.3 Halmahera Earthquakes

Briefing Note 397 [July 2019]
The 4-5 July 2019 M 6.4 and 7.1 Ridgecrest, California Earthquakes

Briefing Note 396 [June 2019]
Darwin shaken by a deep Mw 7.3 earthquake in the Banda Sea

Briefing Note 395 [June 2019]
The need for transparency in climate services

Briefing Note 394 [April 2019]
Australia’s largest hailstorm disaster

Briefing Note 393 [April 2019]
APRA’s increased pressure on major financial institutions to manage the financial risks of climate change

Briefing Note 392 [March 2019]
Why are we not taking climate change more seriously?

Briefing Note 391 [March 2019]
‘Change now or pay later’: RBA’s stark warning on climate change

Briefing Note 390 [March 2019]
Cyber Attack on the Australian Parliament and the Lessons Learned

Briefing Note 389 [February 2019]
Townsville 2019 flood – insights from the field

Briefing Note 388 [February 2019]
To build or not build: that is the Townsville question

Briefing Note 387 [February 2019]
Global Tropical Cyclone Landfalls, 1970 to 2018

Briefing Note 386 [January 2019]
Disclosure of climate-related financial risk

Briefing Note 385 [January 2019]
CPS 234: Will you comply? Information Security standard for APRA regulated organisations

Briefing Note 384 [January 2019]
Extreme weather tops global risks

Briefing Note 383 [January 2019]
Analysis of fatalities attributed to Hurricane Florence in the US.

Briefing Note 382 [December 2018]
Queensland bushfires 2018

Briefing Note 381 [November 2018]
Sydney Harbour beach erosion – actions of the sea or stormwater runoff?

Briefing Note 380 [November 2018]
Key Conclusions of the U.S. National Climate Assessment 2018

Briefing Note 379 [November 2018]
The 2018 Lake Muir Earthquakes

Briefing Note 378 [November 2018]
Mystery of the cargo ships that sink when their cargo suddenly liquefies

Briefing Note 377 [October 2018]
The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming: The Great Divider

Briefing Note 376 [October 2018]
The 28 September Mw 7.5 Sulawesi Earthquake

Briefing Note 375 [September 2018] 
Parameters of the Carr Fire Tornado, California, 26 July 2018

Briefing Note 374 [August 2018]
Abrupt climate change in the Anthropocene

Briefing Note 373 [July 2018]
Risk Frontiers’ new earthquake model shows reduced losses for Australia

Briefing Note 372 [July 2018]
Fight over PG&E’s liability in Wine Country fires is just beginning

Briefing 371 [July 2018]
Why isn’t the bond market more worried about climate change?

Briefing Note 370 [July 2018]
A global slowdown of tropical-cyclone translation speed and implications for flooding

Briefing Note 369 [June 2018]
Cyclopters: Drones of the future

Briefing Note 368 [June 2018]
Climate change may lead to bigger atmospheric rivers

Briefing Note 367 [May 2018]
Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers of Antartica and the Prospect of Rapid Sea Rise 

Briefing Note 366 [March 2018]
FS-ISAC 2018 Cybersecurity Trends

Briefing Note 365 [February 2018]
Why is Roman concrete more durable than modern concrete?

Briefing Note 364 [February 2018]
Updated GNS Central New Zealand Earthquake Forecast

Briefing Note 363 [January 2018]
Flood Deaths in the Northern Territory

Briefing Note 362 [January 2018]
Hawaii False Alarm Hints at Thin Line Between Mishap and Nuclear War

Briefing Note 361 [January 2018]
The heat is on: but we’ve been there before

Briefing Note 360 [December 2017]
Scars left by Australia’s undersea landslides reveal future tsunami potential

Briefing Note 359 [December 2017]
Forecast of Increased Earthquakes due to Slowing of Earth’s Rotation

Briefing Note 358 [November 2017]
Changes in Earthquake Hazard Levels in the draft Geoscience Australia National Seismic Hazard Assessment (NSHA18)

Briefing Note 357 [November 2017]
The Mw 7.1 Puebla, Mexico Earthquake of 19 September 2017 – the anniversary of the Mw 8.0 Michoacan earthquake of 1985.

Briefing Note 356 [October 2017]
It doesn’t always take superstorms to get supersurges

Briefing Note 355 [October 2017]
Have we increased our vulnerability to big floods

Briefing Note 354 [September 2017]
Could Sydney be the next Houston?

Briefing Note 353 [September 2017]
Hurricane Irma Meteorological Information

Briefing Note 352 [July 2017]
Earth’s rotation affects the wide world of sports

Briefing Note 351 [July 2017]
Weather-related Natural Disasters: Should we be concerned about a reversion to the mean?

Briefing Note 350 [July 2017]
‘Astounding’: Shifting storms under climate change to worsen coastal perils

Briefing Note 349 [July 2017]
The country’s flood insurance program is sinking.  Rescuing it won’t be easy.

Briefing Note 348 [July 2017]
The Grenfell Tower fire of June 14 and the role of Composite Sandwich Panel Cladding

Briefing Note 347 [June 2017]
The Great Hawkesbury Flood turns 150 today

Briefing Note 346 [June 2017]
Floodplain manager skillsets are key to effectively growing community engagement practice in disaster resilience

Briefing Note 345 [June 2017]
A new way to detect tsunamis: cargo ships

Briefing Note 344 [May 2017]
Disaster Risk Management: Insights from US Experience

Briefing Note 343 [April 2017] 
When Rising Seas Transform Risk into Certainty

Briefing Note 342 [April 2017]
The 2017 Lismore Flood – Insights from the field

Briefing Note 341 [April 2017]
Damage overview of Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie in North Queensland

Briefing Note 340 [April 2017]
Flood Risk Perceptions of Lismore Businesses

Briefing Note 339 [March 2017]
Twitter can predict hurricane damage as well as emergency agencies

Briefing Note 338 [February 2017]
Building evidence for risk-based insurance

Briefing Note 337 [January 2017]
Crowds are wise enough to know when other people will get it wrong

Briefing Note 336 [January 2017]
Solving the Puzzle of Hurricane History

Briefing Note 335 [December 2016]
The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake: Briefing 5

Briefing Note 334 [December 2016]
The Mw 7.9 Taron, PNG Earthquake of 17 December 2016

Briefing Note 333 [December 2016]
Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, Briefing No.4

Briefing Note 332 [November 2016]
The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, Briefing No. 3

Briefing Note 331 [November 2016]
The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Hanmer Springs Earthquake. Briefing No.2

Briefing Note 330 [November 2016]
The Mw 7.8 14 November Hanmer Springs Earthquake, Briefing No. 1

Briefing Note 329 [October 2016]
The 2016 Central Italy Earthquake Secquence

Briefing Note 328 [October 2016]
Insurance against Extreme Events: Pairing Short-Term Incentives with Long-Term Strategies

Briefing Note 327 [October 2016]
UK National Flood Resilience Review

Briefing Note 326 [September 2016]
China is covering its northern plains with wind turbines

Briefing Note 325 [September 2016]
Flameproof houses – scheme that cost homeowners millions in ruins

Briefing Note 324 [September 2016]
Court orders on Byron Bay’s coastal wars

Briefing Note 323 [August 2016]
Brexit and the power of wishful thinking

Briefing Note 322 [July 2016]
Montserrat’s Unexpected Life

Briefing Note 321 [June 2016]
A Toxic Legacy from Firefighting Foams 

Briefing Note 320 [June 2016]

Briefing Note 319 [June 2016]
Coastal impacts of the June 2016 East Coast storm for Sydney

Briefing Note 318 [May 2016]
The Mw 6.0 Northern Territory earthquake of May 2016

Briefing Note 317 [May 2016]
New Orleans: 11 years after Katrina

Briefing Note 316 [April 2016]
Implications of changes to El Nino Southern Oscillation for coastal vulnerability in NSW

Briefing Note 315 [April 2016]
Briefing Note 315Role of Composite Sandwich Panel Cladding in Recent Hi-Rise Building Fires

Briefing Note 314 [March 2016]
Tasmanian energy Crisis – Resilience Case Study

Briefing Note 313 [March 2016]
Big Data, Big Computers, Big Trouble

Briefing Note 312 [March 2, 2016]
March 2, 2016 Earthquake off Sumatra and Breakup of the Australia-India Plate

Briefing Note 311 [February 2016]
Introducing logic into title-race predictions 311

Briefing Note 310 [February 2016]
Gravitational Waves Detected, as Einstein Predicted

Briefing Note 309 [February 2016]
The 5 February 2016 Tainan, Taiwan Earthquake

Briefing Note 308 [February 2016]
World Economic Forums 2016 Global Risks Report

Briefing Note 307 [January 2016]
Jakarta Bombing teaches us the importance of crisis communication in a digital age

Briefing Note 306 [December 2015]
Flood evacuation: never fun, sometimes necessary, always problematic

Briefing Note 173
Hysteria at Fever Pitch

Briefing Note 121
Pandemic and Business Continuity Planning

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