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Risk Frontiers has a core team of GIS specialists able to advise on the best approach to solving any risk problem and the most effective way of expressing and automating that risk profile.

Risk Frontiers is able to undertake complex spatial analysis tasks to determine which populations or assets are exposed to a wide range of hazards. Our GIS specialists are also highly experienced software developers and cartographic experts and can provide advanced expertise in building bespoke tools for analysis and visualisation.

We can help enable a deeper understanding through:

  • analysis of all types of assets from single buildings or pieces of infrastructure to the entire Australian population or dedicated ranges of infrastructure that can include roads, bridges, schools or other classes of assets
  • developing maps or tabular representations of your potential exposure and losses or government policy implications
  • building web maps to enable internal or external dissemination of the results to audiences of any size.

Please contact us for information about how we can help you with spatial analysis tasks.
Email: Telephone: +61 2 8459 9770.