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Lucinda Coates

Senior Research Consultant


Lucinda manages PerilAUS, Risk Frontiers’ comprehensive hazards database. This enables the analysis of trends in fatalities, community resilience, risk assessment and climate change adaptation.

Lucinda is a Senior Research Consultant specialising in risk reduction and climate change adaptation assessment, trends in natural hazard fatalities, vulnerability versus resilience, and evaluations of risk perception and risk communication. Highly experienced in literature research and data analysis, Lucinda has worked on projects for the Australian emergency management sector as well as government and private organisations. She was involved in the compilation of historical records of Australian natural hazard impacts, now known as PerilAUS.

She has recently investigated evidence for shelter-in-place versus evacuation during flash floods, adaptation and policy changes associated with the Jan-Feb 2009 southern Australia heatwave, the environmental circumstances of Australian bushfire fatalities, Australian heatwave deaths 1844-2010 and emerging vulnerabilities, the socio-demographic and environmental circumstances surrounding flood fatalities in Australia between 1900 and 2015. Lucinda has a Master of Geoscience from Macquarie University.