Risk Frontiers is fortunate to have a team of highly-qualified, loyal and enthusiastic people keen to work out your best solutions.

Lucinda Coates

Senior Research Consultant

Lucinda manages PerilAUS, Risk Frontiers’ comprehensive hazards database. This enables the analysis of trends in fatalities, community resilience, risk assessment and climate change adaptation.

Valentina Koschatzky

Principal Risk Scientist

As Principal, Valentina oversees the implementation our earthquake and cyclone catastrophe loss models, leading the successful delivery of complex modelling solutions to industry. Valentina holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics.

Thomas Mortlock

Senior Risk Scientist

Thomas specialises in the development of our flood and storm surge loss models and climate change services. Thomas has a background in coastal engineering and holds a PhD in Environmental Science.

Paul Somerville

Chief Geoscientist

Paul is Risk Frontiers lead scientist for the development of earthquake and tsunami loss models for Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Paul holds a PhD in Geophysics.

Mingzhu Wang

Senior Risk Scientist

Mingzhu’s focus is the application of our spatial and machine learning technologies. Minzhu has successfully incorporated these into projects for government and a detailed bushfire loss model. She holds a PhD in Geography.

Salome Hussein

Risk Scientist

Salomé is our expert in machine vision, radar analysis, and robotic process automation (RPA). She holds a PhD in Physics and specialises in modelling hail and agriculture.

Jacob Evans

Risk Scientist

Jacob employs techniques such as machine learning and statistical analysis to understand the vulnerability of risk across Risk Frontiers catastrophe suite. Jacob holds a PhD in Physics.

Jonathan van Leeuwen

Risk Scientist

Jonathan has expertise in spatial science, statistical analysis and has completed numerous social research projects for Risk Frontiers’ stakeholders. Jonathan holds a B.Sc. in Spatial Information Science.

Ashley Avci

Research Associate

Ashley is a Research Associate specialising in environmental management and natural hazards, with a particular interest in policy and practice.