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James O’Brien

Chief Geospatial Scientist

James coordinates our geospatial assets and risk databases which enables the development of products including the National Flood Information based Risk Rating databases. James holds a PhD in Geography.

James is Risk Frontiers’ Chief Geospatial Scientist specialising in the integration of physical and social science factors in modelling risk and vulnerability using geographical information science. He manages the National Flood Information Database and has over 15 years of experience applying GIS and spatial analysis to solving geographical problems in the US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

James has worked for a range of clients from government, insurance and infrastructure providers on large scale hazard modelling, hydrological modelling, physical and social vulnerability indices, spatial analysis developing web mapping platforms and mapping human and infrastructure exposure.

James also has experience conducting field surveys, interviews, focus groups as well as managing teams of data collectors. He obtained his PhD in Geography at The Pennsylvania State University specialising in GIS and visualisation.