BNHCRC Hazard Note 20

Hazard Note 20 documents the analysis of the circumstances surrounding fatalities due to flooding in Australia from 1900 to 2015. The investigation includes exploring the socio-demographic and environmental factors surrounding the deaths. Overall there have been 1,859 fatalities within the 115 years, with distinct trends in relation to gender, age, activity and reason. The most deaths have occurred in Queensland and New South Wales. The majority of fatalities are male (79%) with children and young adults (<29) making up the greatest proportion of the fatalities.

The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Hanmer Springs Earthquake. Briefing No.2

by Paul Somerville, Matalena Tofa and Andrew Gissing.

Damaged Buildings in Wellington

Nearly 50 earthquake-damaged buildings in Wellington have been inspected by engineers, with some likely to be closed for weeks or longer, and one may require demolition. Yesterday people were asked to stay away from the CBD after several multi-storey buildings were damaged, and glass fell into streets on Monday.

The Mw 7.8 November 14, 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, Briefing No. 3

Paul Somerville Risk Frontiers 23 November 2016

Potential for Future Damaging Earthquakes in New Zealand

Geonet and GNS Science have developed a set of maps of probability of damaging shaking for a series of three MMI intensity levels in the next 30 days.  Figure 1a shows the map for MMI VI, which corresponds to a peak ground acceleration of about 12%g, and is expected to cause structural damage to a few weak buildings.   Large increases in earthquake probability are confined to the South Island.